Veinyl teams up with allalonemagazine

Vinyls and wine to share

Veinyl and allalonemagazine have teamed up to offer artists not only a platform to share their favourite wines and music, but also the opportunity to get inside the musicians‘ hearts and heads to find out what’s currently on their agenda.

Veinyl is not a traditional wine store. Their platform allows artists and their communities to connect through music in a fresh and fun way. To do this, they pair great vinyls with tasteful wine to set the appropriate tone for the night (or day). Of course, this is done with a little tongue in cheek – the criteria for how a wine can match a particular style of music or track is entirely up to the individual.

Veinyl bundle

Veinyl home and self-made winebottle candles

Veinyl bundle

Veinyl invites each producer to curate an experience with a wine they like. Vinyls on their VNL label are released in limited editions and are only available in bundles with matching wines. How cool is it for DJs/producers to not only have their own record, but their own wine?

The eye-catching label designs match the covers of the vinyls. There are no limits to the possibilities, only creativity is needed!
In addition to the special Veinyl packages, there are of course also different wines from around the world and records from different artists, which you can also buy individually.

Check their website and the fresh interview

VNL001 – The Willers Brothers Edition

The Willers Brothers bundle
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