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Tasty like a Raindrop

We dive into minds
Taking turns of being ecstatic
As each of us is infused with different energies,
And yet riding the same wave

When we think of Romania and festivals, the first thing that pops to mind is Sunwaves. After years of travelling to one of my favourite countries when it comes to musical festivities, it was time to try something new, especially as I was looking for a more intimate atmosphere, while still having the pleasure to enjoy artists who come from all over to spoil us with a top-notch dj-performance. While being under the spell of music, the location offers the opportunity to rove around and get lost in daydreams. The impressive natural backdrop of Romania’s Transilvania enhanced by the warm hospitality of locals makes this event truly unique. Its relaxed ambience and verdant beauty of the landscape enable it to disconnect from the pressures of everyday life until the senses are relaxed, while uplifting vibrations and magnificent natural setting deeply enhance the practice of dancing.

By turning up the volume on our desires, the record selectors of this edition fueled the listeners with a high degree of happiness. As I deep dive into the dancefloor, the music is defined and driven by curiosity, just like me and the crowd around me, a heartfelt combination that makes us all one.

Last edition in August was already the fifth one. I asked one of the organisers Silvia what makes the event special for her:

“I’ve been going to every kind of party since I was 14-15, and what I crave now in terms of raves and parties is something unpretentious, where people, DJs, artists as well as dancers are like minded, minding their own business, showing common sense and brining a warm cosy feeling to the gathering. I think that’s the recipe for a general respectful and playful vibe, leading to quality musical creations and lasting bonds between people.”

Indeed, some of the DJs stay for the whole experience to fully lay back, recharge and leave the door open for any kind of spontaneous B2B that might emerge over the course of the night and day. At the last edition, we were lucky enough to witness Topper and Charlie’s B2B, who were joining dots between genres with their flexible, catchy and soul-infused sound from Sunday morning into the late hours of the evening.

Karim Rosati is the heart of the project. “I believe that being kind results in being surrounded by kind people”.

Around 15 years ago, he moved from Rome to Romania, where his journey, especially as a photographer, kicked off. Here, he was driven primarily by his curiosity about art, film, music and, above all, people as well as the journey into the infinite nocturnal adventures that self-taught him to become one of Romania’s finest after-hours photographers. His style and portraits convey a sense of intimacy and set a distinctive tone. The contemporary approach stems from the desire and commitment to narrate a story – especially of the people participating in the movement and gathering around the music. Naturally resulting from this, and during Covid times, Kay passed through the valley that is now red dot’s playground. After decades of travelling the world, also always kind of being related to his job, it was never his goal to make a party. But given the circumstances of Covid and everything that comes with it, he saw the location and put one and two together. Instead of valeting the place, he is integrating the locals and shaping a community. With the help of good friends, he thought of what’s necessary and managed to bring together what’s needed. A good soundsystem, a respectful growd, and “DJs who will put a smile on my face”.

The upcoming edition will take place next year. Until then, be on the alert for updates and enjoy some podcasts recorded by Red Dot regulars.

Pictures by: Kay Rosati

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