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It's all about the underground

Doreen’s musical profile is influenced by Chicago and Detroit house, her DJ sets are predominantly built on deep, housey and minimalist sounds, showcasing a vast panoply of different styles. Her journey took off at the infamous Freebase Records store in Frankfurt am Main where she was exposed to some of the biggest names in the industry early on, all while maintaining her roots in the underground. Following the latter for many years now and feeling great about it, she is convinced that the underground culture should be kept alive. It is not only by DJing that she contributes her part, she organized Underground Quality Dance Party together with DJ Jus Ed in Offenbach and Berlin, furthermore she already played in clubs like Tanzhaus West, Robert Johnson, Tresor Berlin, Galerie Kurzweil or Silbergold.
With her passion for music, Doreen now works at HHV to live a balanced life and nurture her love for records. Deeply committed to DJing, her main focus is to reach out and touch people with her music and make them feel free to dance without judgement.
In May a new project will start, which will be about House Music and House Dance. Let yourselves be surprised!

We are very happy that she said yes to share some of her music with us! You can find the link at the bottom.

What did you have in mind for this mix?
The kind of sound that connects me to the person/platform I’m making this mix for and which records convey the corresponding feeling. Also, a mix is heard in various moods and situations people may be in and I want to be able to reach people in these different ways. Music is a universal language.

Reach – every body & every soul
House = no judge … just free

Can you name some of the artists you were inspired by?
First of all Zip, Ricardo Villalobos, Heiko MSO (R.I.P.), Arno, Arpiar, Praslesh, Nightmares on Wax & BeatPete. Each of them inspired me with their music and the way they play it, and clearly impressed me. I am really grateful for that. Good vibes only.

How long do you spend digging each week?
Quite some time. Just working at the HHV store adds up to a few hours a day.

Since when do you collect records?
Since 2013, when I started working at Freebase Records in Frankfurt.

How did you end up at Freebase?
I knew Chris Wood for a long time before I have started my apprenticeship there. I was looking for a suitable place to work at that time. At some point, I was chatting to Chris and next thing I know, I was working at Freebase. It was meant to be. I am very grateful for the most beautiful time together at Freebase. Thank you Chris Wood, Meat, Manuel Schatz and Phil Evans.

Name a record you are likely to play more often than another?
Underground Solution- Luv Dancing. Besides the groovy vibe, this record says it all only with the name.

How many records do you have?
I can’t give you a number. It’s definitely enough to have some nice hours of music.

Last record you have bought?
Massive Attack – Mezzanine. An incredibly good record with one or two classics. Feeling free.

Do you remember your first record you’ve bought?
Oh yeah, that’s the one: Blake Baxter – The H-Factor. I bought it after my first Love Parade. I wanted to have a memory of it.

Tell us the name of your favorite record store.
HHV – I like the quality selection of different genres.

What does music mean to you?
A lot – very much. Music is a feeling and a companion at the same time. It picks you up, takes you along, brings you on a path and sets you down again. Very simple and easy. Music is not a judge, it is free. With music you reach the body and the soul.

Thank you, Doreen! And now, enjoy the music!


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