mixedalone: by Sannikow

Music is like a therapy that is fun.

The first podcast of mixedalone for allalonemagazine is presented by Offenbach’s local hero Sannikow from the truelovesounds gang.

A red thread of obscurity runs through the home recorded 120 min mix with delightful ease. Sannikow pilots the listeners through the trippiest corners of their mind where gloomy flavored soundscapes extend in their own universe. Clear sounds ranging from dark undertones up to shadowy minimalistic features laced with some of the finest mixing skills are provided to us for a call to action. 

What did you have in mind for this mix?
I wanted to create a certain minimal driving sound by some of my (current) favorite artists combined with newly discovered music that totally flashed me.

Is there a theme to the mix?
Dark and fluffy

Can you name some of the artists you were inspired by?
Mihigh, Julien Bold, Aman, Vadim Oslov, Loxique

How long do you spend digging each week?
I can’t say how long exactly because I am looking for new music every day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Lately even more because I’m not only digging  vinyls but also digital sound.

How many records do you have?
Around 4000. Could be more though.

Name a record you are likely to play more often than another?
Roustam – Valparaiso (ALL INN 024)

Last record you have bought?
Edits from the Land Of The Lost – USSR. – Russian classics in modern interpretation.


What does music mean to you?

Music transports you to places in your head where you normally wouldn’t go – it’s like a therapy that is fun.

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