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mixedalone: by Laura Fiore

Moody transitions

The third issue of mixedalone series comes from Laura, a Berlin-based Frenchie with an enormous passion for mixing, records, and music.

With a burning heart for music, her taste has developed over the years, finding pleasure in mostly mixing within the electronic world where she places her sound between funky, jazzy house grooves and minimalistic tunes. This is her first vinyl-recorded set online and we are very happy that she shares this mix with us.
Laura starts with a warm and soft approach, introducing each following element with patience, featuring dreamy sounds, housey vocals and rolling chords. Pressing on, she keeps the energy going while maintaining a nifty and groovy mood. In the second part, she cruises through even groovier, driving tracks, illustrating a floaty, autumnal but warm feeling throughout.


What did you have in mind for this mix?
I usually play 90s, deep and modern house but at the time of recording this mix, my mood was reflecting the transition from Summer to Autumn. Not an easy transition as we’re losing daylight and it’s getting colder.

Is there a theme to the mix?
‘It’s getting darker’. The tracks I selected for this mix remind me of this autumnal feeling.

Can you name some of the artists you were inspired by?
Funk E, So Inagawa, Cab Drivers, Jake Flory, Fr!sky Business, East End Dubs amongst others.

How long do you spend digging each week?
Not enough at the moment! I dig online around 3 hours a week but I really like to go to the record stores so I try to visit those at least bi-weekly.

How many records do you have?
Around 300. A small collection that is slowly getting bigger 🙂

Since when do you collect records?
I started 4 years ago when I got a very old record player that my dad brought back from France – I was living in London at the time. I bought a few classics of different genres – Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, Gilberto Gil just for music consuming and I got into playing records 2 years after that.

Name a record you are likely to play more often than another?
Liou FH13 on Finest Hour Records. I love this record! I also discovered recently he is my friend’s (Lee Burton) former student.

Last record you have bought:
I really like this Danish label (2 Bit Crew Recordings). Nice deep house.

How did 2020 affect you and your creative process?
Since March, not being able to go out and listen to / discover artists in clubs has been quite challenging but it also gave me space and time to look for other artists outside of the electronic music genre so get deeper into more ambient, downtempo, acid jazz, trip-hop.
And finally, what does music mean to you?
Life. Escape. What makes me vibrate. When you share music with people on the same vibe as you, it is the most amazing exchange I think. Life without music would be so morose.
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