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Āman embarks on a musical voyage of discovery through the world of imagination

Āman is a formation of two good friends, the producers Florian Meffert (truelovesounds) and Marc Philipp (truelovesounds, 87 records) from Frankfurt am Main/Offenbach. Together they have been making music and touring for more than 3 years now, from New York to Medellín and from Frankfurt to Berlin.
During lockdown the boys have prepared a little giveaway for allalonelisteners only. Check out this this piece and get charmed by this harmonious exploration into a world of Āman sounds.

Why did you choose this song for an edit?
Sometimes you just realize that old track you have listened for a long time works great as a remix. You hear the track on the radio and it instantly hits you. This is what happened to us when we heard Voyage in the radio. It also fits the actual & current, worldwide mood. Although we are restricted to travel we are still allowed to travel in the corner of our minds – something, we find, this track invites you to do.

How do you two influence each other on a musical level?
We feel that it is a good mixture between our favourite music and our way of doing it. Almost every time the results fits both of our ears. Furthermore we made and agreement if there is a sound one of us doesn’t like, we delete or change it. You will never stop learning to produce music. We learned a lot from each other and benefit from it every single day.

How long have you been producing together?
We are producing together since 3 years now. Lately we moved our studios to Zollamt Studios in Offenbach, so we get to produce even more 🙂

Tell us more about the set up to your studio. Which toys did you use to produce this remix?We are using a modular system and a couple of drum computers, few vst’s and our creativity. There are so many ways you can go.

What does Āman stand for?
That’s a secret we never tell… 😉

In which setting does the track fit best?
We think that this track will work out in any occasion or situation. It’s just a classic explained and interpreted in a modern way – in an Āman way.

Listen & enjoy.

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