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"We want to collaborate with others, not compete."

Danube project was founded in 2019 with the aim of organizing electronic music events in various locations. The goal is to always ensure a professional and detailed planning of each event. With an office in Berlin-Neuköllns Herrfurthplatz, right next to the record store KMA60, they are working hard to create the next journey. Dedicated to the culture that has made cities like Berlin unique and diverse, they want to give back: Reinvest in different formats, promote, help, and empower young talent. At the forefront of their minds is one thing: collaboration, not competition.

Berlin seems to be the right kind of hot spot for them to be a part of the ever-evolving scene and support the cultural opportunities in cities like it. Unfortunately, the subculture we all know, and love appears to be steadily losing ways and places to express itself as more clubs are dying and institutions are struggling to survive. Looking at other cities in Europe, one can see the direction which cities like Berlin may be heading if nothing is done about it. The crew wants to counteract this trend with their projects and create spaces that allow an exchange of various happenings.

Their team consists of different characters who have known each other since childhood. Together, they often sought the way to the capital from Hanover to be able to escape everyday life due to the short distance. Most of the crew moved to Berlin and have stayed ever since. The rest returned to their hometown. Hanover has indeed given them a lot, the inspiration and love for music was born there and the feeling of being able to achieve more in a community than alone as well.

The name of the project is derived from the river that has its source in Germany and flows through ten different countries, more than any other river on our planet. Danube is the artery of a whole continent. The crew sees it as the symbol of cultural exchange in Europe, it stands for the most natural and dynamic international connection as well as for living side by side in cultural diversity. Their events are intended to be a space for precisely this exchange, which is why they invite international and national artists who make an important contribution to the program of their encounters.

Beyond their events, they attach great importance to create an added value within our society. By „creating spaces,“ they mean that they want to get like-minded people to interact with each other.“ We are amazed at how many organizations and institutions are pursuing the same goal and are also willing to contribute.“

Driven by the underground music culture, Danube’s first event of the year will take place at the Kiekebusch See. If it’s about finding extraordinary locations for the right moments over a whole weekend, the lake is the ideal place for it. With its location right next to the Berlin-Brandenburg airport, taking off and landing of planes can be observed right next to the dance floor, making the venue an uncommon place to be. Industrial charm meets pure nature, all in combination with a beautiful lake. Expect a one-for-the-books weekend full of great music, exchange, and passion.
The Weekender will take place on the 11th and 12th of June from 10am to 10pm, followed by an after-hour party in Danube’s manner and special locations.

Lineup for Saturday:

Saturday after-hour at: Anomalie Art Club alongside Cezar and more special guests.

Lineup for Sunday:

Sunday after-hour at beloved Club der Visionaere with a bunch of special guests.

Specials to find on the Kiekebusch see grounds will be the Vinyl market and DjoDjos Streetfood. The Soundsystem will be nothing less than a Funktion-One. The crew highly recommends using the public transport of Berlin to arrive at the venue. Looking forward to this special one!
Tickets here:
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