DISCOvery Channel

DISCOvery channel features festivals and clubs, talks about club-culture, scene and reflects on current topics.

My Red Dot Experience

We dive into minds Taking turns of being ecstatic As each of us is infused with different energies, And yet…

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DISCOverychannel: Danube

Danube project was founded in 2019 with the aim of organizing electronic music events in various locations. The goal is…

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DISCOverychannel: Planet Release

Now, this feature is not like an usual one, as there is even more content in store for you. In…

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Letizia Trussi: The person behind ROOMS OF KAIROS

ROOMS OF KAIROS is home for creative professionals, music and sound, art and sign, design and philosophy, vision and experiment.…

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DISCOvery: Klub Liebe Studio

Their friendship has lasted since their school days, allowing them to experience every step of their years of gastronomic development…

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DISCOvery: Isabelle Beese

Besides being the creative founder and head of Belisa Booking Agency, Isabelle Beese is mainly a passionate music lover who…

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