Disco & Art

Disco & Art will bring together what cannot be separated.
Just as music, art has different forms and ways of getting to people. Some would say that Yves Klein’s Blue Monochrome is a simplistic blue painting, while others see so much more than that. Music and art are door openers to other dimensions which can lead us to many different kinds of experiences and other states of consciousness. This section will revolve around artists or photographers who are connected to the dancing chambers around the world, and who we recognize from our favorite vinyls artwork. 

Disco & Art: Clovis 

Clovis Bouhier. Some call him a citizen of the world; a vagabond immersed in the worlds of music and photography.…

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Disco & Juli Jah

The art of Juli Jah stands out like a bird of paradise in the mass. Juliana Žamoit is a Lithuanian…

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