A story to every baseline

The interview series A story to every baseline will unravel certain reputations that are still stuck in our heads and focus on the universal language, which is and always has been music. Questions like “Why do you make music” sound so bromidic but are fundamental to receive a grasp of the artists work and background. We are sick and tired of name dropping, let’s get to the core and find out more about the artist behind the track. 

A story to every bassline: Jan Golly

Intertwining decades and genres, Jan Golly’s musical style cannot be pressed into a specific category. Instead, he plays records that…

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A story to every bassline: Mad Dim

Mad Dim hails from Ukraine and lives in Moscow where you can hear him play at spots like Gazgolder and…

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A story to every bassline: Weg

Born in Italy and living in Berlin, Luca Albano aka Weg started his musical journey with the release of his…

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A story to every bassline: Michael Dop

With a base in Moscow, Michael pursues a variety of activities as an artist. He is a designer, DJ, music…

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A story to Katie Drover’s Bassline

Katie Drover has that natural talent for melding a wide spectrum of sounds into a unified, uninterrupted flow. Coming from…

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The story to Alexis Cabrera’s Bassline

Alexis Cabrera moved from Argentina to Europe when he was 32 years old and catapulted himself behind the decks of…

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The story to Paul Walter’s Bassline

Dear Paul, thank you for your time and for taking this interview. As far as I know, you are heavily…

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The story to Crihan’s Bassline

Targu-Mures is located in the heart of Transylvania where Alin Crihan got in touch with music at an early age.…

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The story to Gypsea’s Bassline

Hailing from Mannheim and being a coherent party of the BE9 and Parker Lewis crew the producer known as Gyspea has…

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