Back on track

Back on track with Plastikman

Distance brings us closer

Plastikman does not need a big introduction. While Richie Hawtin was the first to give Detroit techno a trippy and gloomy edge, Plastikman was the one to take it to a whole new level. As an artist, Richie always aimed to venture into the unknown fearlessly where he succeeded in disclosing and manifesting his deep understanding of the technical, musical terrain. As he continues to sculpt and innovate his own musical characteristics, he is among those artists who are constantly outgrowing themselves at a brisk pace – up to now. His innovative performances are a state of art which make him one of the leading figures in the scene, always reinventing his music but still remaining a true symbol of the underground roots. Plastikman as an alter ego renders these unforeseen leaps into the future of techno.

Plastikman, Closer, Mute, 2003

Richie described Plastikman as an idea designed to get lost in your head, which this album certainly does. In times like these, one yearns above all for one thing: getting closer yet disconnecting from the troubles of the world together.

Disconnect starts with a strange melody, building and creating suspense that is not foreseeable. Gurgling efforts are slowly starting to come in, allowing us to get off the subject.
With a bass so dominant that it fills the room, and a lyrics that couldn’t be better suited to the current pandemic blues in which we seemed to be trapped for God knows how long, the title almost makes it impossible not to drift down memory lane of brighter times. The first line starts with the lyrics:

I try in vain
To disconnect my brain
I don’t know if I can handle it
Handle so much pain

Crushed by the weight of the pandemic the concept of a changed consciousness is so refreshing, making this album an ideal soundtrack for isolation. Plastikman sets a dusky tone to the album which might or might not reflect on a disrupted spirit, still bringing out the full potential of creativity that slumbers within an artistic heart.

We all miss those random intimacies, wrapped in a warm comfort of relaxing boundaries awfully so let’s stand together in a true spirit of solidarity. We will get through this with music and primarily patience.

I try in vain
To disconnect my brain
I don’t know if i can handle it
Handle so much pain

I don’t know what’s left to gain
All the guilt and now the blame
I don’t want to stop this game
I’m starting to enjoy the pain

I don’t care what you claim
I still hear your voice replaying
The only thing that remains
Is to disconnect my brain

I try to disinfect
And sanitize my brain
Perhaps I won’t be satisfied
Until i go insane

Disconnect my brain
Disconnect my pain


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